Cannon follows a disciplined approach to investment selection and portfolio-company management.

Adolescent to Elite

We specialize in turning adoles​cent companies into elite organizations by helping build process and infrastructure to foster sustainable growth.

We routinely link best practices from turnarounds and startups, which we apply to established and pre-profit companies.  We strive to help management teams take advantage of changing system dynamics within markets to establish competitive advantages.

Our in-house research department helps identify and evaluate attractive business models and markets.  Our proprietary work supports portfolio company management teams for strategic planning and plays a critical role in new-investment evaluation.

Portfolio Management

We are not board-level-only investors, rather we focus on working in conjunction with management to drive value via long-term strategic improvements. 

While we leverage our operating experience to help management teams navigate challenges, we do not want to operate our portfolio companies.  We believe in helping management be successful; as such, we practice a proprietary onboarding process for new investments, and where appropriate, building out management teams.

Management is the key to a company’s success, and we strive to support our teams in a tailored manner depending on each company’s life cycle and situation. 

​Guiding Principles

  • Focus on “Game Changing” initiatives
  • Fail fast – minimize the cost of new initiatives
  • Transparency to our investors, partners and management teams
    • Unified incentives are key to building winning relationships
  • Our firm and portfolio companies practice continuous improvement
    • Structured feedback loops evaluated on a regular basis
  • A successful investment is driven by building a better business
    • We invest with a long-term view, not for quick financial engineering arbitrage
  • Decision making is data driven and always challenged
    • Unparalleled level of diligence at investment phase and for strategic decisions to complement management’s perspective
      • We dig deep into the details – we do not solely have “board level” discussions
  • Strong ethics and refusal to cut corners
  • Sourcing and portfolio management efforts are thematic – industry niches chosen, not opportunistic